About Us


Since our inception in India in 1991, exquisite world class sound reproduction has been our core business. We provide high-end innovative solutions for all audio requirements from loudspeakers, woofers and accessories to 'sound' advice, installations and strong after-sales support. Over the years, we have evolved from a market leading manufacturer of high-end audio and video products to a premier acoustic consultant and dealer of top-notch global brands in luxurious home and commercial audio systems. Today, we are a nationwide distributor for the world's best active loudspeaker brand. Genelec Oy of Finland is the undisputed world leader in active loudspeaker solutions.

PANDAM is also assoctiated with the following Leading International Brands in India


Our products continue to offer reliable and neutral sound reproduction as well as the ability to adapt efficiently to the environment regardless of size. We architect solutions around our clients' needs. Our strength lies in our superlative standards of quality and product performance, superior levels of technical expertise, operational excellence and unmatched customized service – all of which add up to offer our clients the ultimate enriching experience in sound.

PANDAM has a distinguished list of clientele that covers the who's who across every segment and industry in India. Our products found in leading corporate offices, cinemas and entertainment areas exceed customer expectations way beyond functionality. Our home entertainment range enriches the lifestyle of industrialists, Government officials, film and theatre personalities, musicians and other celebrities. Although applications may vary, our underlying objective remains constant – to delight our clients with consistently high levels of quality, engineering and innovation in high-end sound reproduction.

Our Vision is to maximize the entertainment experience by bringing purity of sound and joy to customers’ lives. Delivering total quality enjoyment to others is a fundamental driving passion to us at PANDAM.

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