Over a journey that spans two decades, PANDAM Professional Audio has come to be synonymous with perfection, reliability, honesty and Prashant Damle, the founder of the company.

Prashant's passion for speakers and anything and everything that produces sound lead him to build his first hand made speaker in 1989. He built a few more and then some more. Before he knew it, his friends and their friends and relatives were thronging to listen to music. Prashant closed his first sale at home. This was the beginning.

Prashant now faced a challenging task...that of naming his one man company, he was surely building. PANDAM, a short form of his own name seemed to be the easiest.

It has stayed. The addition of Professional Audio was a logical extension as PANDAM began manufacturing and installing professional sound through satellite, bookshelf and tower speakers along with their subs, door to door.

Prashant gained experience in human relations and the skill in judging the pulse of the market. It made him sensitive to his customers and an ace in management. He was solely responsible for manufacturing, demonstrating, selling, servicing and accounting!

With an expanding network of happy customers, PANDAM Professional Audio opened its first demo room in 1991 and found the need to hire employees. It worked out well and both haven't looked back ever since.

From manufacturing the home brand and being the OEM for Electro Voice to now being the sole distributor in India for Genelec Custom Install, PANDAM has carved a niche in the audio market. You will find us in specialized home theatres, cinema halls, restaurants, lounge bars, discos, office, commercial spaces and temples.

Though a single man's dream, it is no longer a singular journey. PANDAM Professional Audio is proud of its ever increasing family of loyal employees and clients.

Every milestone reached is a new beginning.

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