We offer an extensive range of top-end sound solutions for home and commercial use. We work with architects, interior designers and contractors to set the perfect balance between aesthetics, acoustics and audio delivery.

Our home theatre systems are suited to any area and ambience, creating the richest sound experience in small apartments and villas through to sprawling mansions and high-rise towers.

Our commercial solutions go far beyond functionality to provide the highest levels of sound efficiency to –

  • corporates
  • hotels and restaurants
  • cinema houses
  • theatres and auditoriums
  • discotheques and clubs
  • Armed Forces
  • shopping malls
  • museums
  • places of worship
  • any other commercial or public establishment.

We have a strong, distinguished and growing customer base across the country that covers –

  • sportsmen
  • entertainment personalities
  • socialites and celebrities
  • industrialists
  • opinion leaders

Our superior product delivery is backed by the highest standards of acoustical advice, professional installs, technical support and customer service.
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