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8351A SAM™ Studio Monitor


The unconventional and delightfully compact 8351A SAM™ studio monitor is a revolutionary achievement in three-way monitor design.

The 8351A combines our breakthrough Acoustically Concealed Woofers (ACW™) technology together with our Minimum Diffraction Coaxial (MDC™) driver and Maximised Directivity Control Waveguide (MaxDCW™) to produce controlled directivity over a very wide bandwidth. Genelec Loudspeaker Manager (GLM™ 2.0) computer control allows for repeatable, consistent performance over flexible proprietary network. Genelec AutoCal™ measures and automatically align every monitor on the network for level, timing, and equalisation of room response anomalies.



JVC D-ILA PROJECTORS Pandam Authorised Dealer

PANDAM PROFESSIONAL AUDIO being an authorised dealer now invites you to experience the magic of Award winning JVC D-ILA projectors.

JVC video projectors are used in some of the most demanding applications, from flight simulators to medical imaging to the home theaters of Hollywood directors and devoted enthusiasts. And while there is a JVC projector engineered specifically for each application, they are all based on the same JVC technology – D-ILA.


What is D-ILA?

D-ILA, or Direct-Drive Image Light Amplification, is JVC-developed technology that delivers unmatched performance, with natural color reproduction, an image so smooth that it rivals film, and contrast that does justice to the most demanding program material. Since the first D-ILA projector was launched in 1997, the technology has been employed where nothing but the cleanest, sharpest, most accurate image would suffice. Today, some of the industry’s most sophisticated projectors from the most respected manufacturers use D-ILA technology licensed from JVC. 

D-ILA is liquid crystal technology, but it’s very different from the liquid crystal display (LCD) technology found in many products today. D-ILA is what’s called liquid crystal on silicon, or LCOS, but JVC made several improvements to basic LCOS technology to develop D-ILA. At its heart is the D-ILA device, or chip, designed and manufactured by JVC. Every JVC D-ILA projector uses three D-ILA devices, one each for red, green and blue – the three colors that are combined to create the full color palette.


What Makes D-ILA Better Than Other Technologies?

D-ILA offers several advantages over other projection technologies

1)      There is very little space between D-ILA pixels, which results in an exceptionally smooth, "film-like" image. Some technologies include moving parts, and space is needed between pixels for these moving parts. Other technologies require that a transistor be mounted on each pixel and wires run between pixels. This, too, forces pixels to be spaced farther apart compared to D-ILA devices. In both of these other cases, the moving parts, transistors and wires limit the total area through which light can pass, which limits brightness. It can also create what’s known as the "screen door effect" – a "shadowing" on the image caused by the spaces between pixels. Look closely, and it’s as if you’re looking at the image through a screen door.

2)      Many other projectors use a single imaging chip, while all D-ILA projectors use three D-ILA imaging chips (one each for red, green and blue), to ensure natural, flicker-free color reproduction.

3)      The D-ILA device structure helps deliver very high native contrast. This is in part a consequence of the vertical alignment of the liquid crystal layers. Most recently, performance has been further improved by using new technology to make the surface more even, and pixel spacing has been further reduced. The result is unprecedented contrast, delivering deep blacks, bright whites and subtle gradations.

4)      D-ILA devices use an inorganic alignment layer, which contributes to the device’s long life. This, along with D-ILA’s outstanding image quality, is what makes it so well-suited for commercial applications, and is a great benefit for home theater enthusiasts as well.

Yauatcha Kolkata

Good food! Kolkata's first Michelin-star brand (Yauatcha). Fine dining and casual dining, all under one roof.Wired for sound with Genelec 8020 and F Two.




Happy Birthday Genelec 8000 Series!

Happy Birthday Genelec 8000 Series! Successful 10 years of worldwide reference.


Genelec 8000 Series of active monitors has been successfully serving audio professionals around the world for 10 years.

Thanks to innovative technologies such as 

  • the Minimum Diffraction Enclosure™, 
  • advanced DCW™, 
  • optimised die-cast aluminium structure, 
  • high performance reflex port design,
  • newly designed low distortion drivers, 
  • sophisticated filtering techniques, 
  • versatile mounting features and
  • Iso-Pod™ (Isolation Positioner & Decoupler), 

the 8000 Series rapidly set a new standard in two-way monitors. 

It became the trusted and number one choice for music studios, mastering houses, broadcast and post-production facilities.

Genelec 8010 - NEW

 8010 Two-way Active Speakers NEW

The new  8010 Two-Way Active Speaker allows professionals to work in compact studios and on the move with an accurate monitoring tool. 

The new Genelec 8010 is the smallest member of Genelec 8000 product range. Its professional heritage is reflected in the compact-sized 8010. Suitable for professional work in small studios it offers accurate monitoring capability with ease of installation. The outstanding sound quality makes 8010 ideal for small studios, OB vans, and a perfect companion for portable recording devices and other mobile production work. 

Featuring a balanced XLR input, 3-inch bass driver, 3/4-inch tweeter and efficient Class D power amplifiers - one for each driver - 8010 produces more sound pressure level than you might expect from a monitor of this size. The Intelligent Signal Sensing ISS circuitry saves energy by automatically putting the monitor to sleep when the audio signal has been absent for a while. Once a signal is detected again, the monitor wakes up automatically. This circuitry can be bypassed when automatic standby function is not desired. 

Thanks to its exceptional sound quality, small size and universal mains input voltage, 8010 is the perfect monitor companion for music production on the move. 

What Hi*Fi? Latest Review



India's No.1 Home Entertainment magazine What Hi Fi? Sound and Vision,published an unbiased  review of the Genelec 8030's Active Speakers coupled with the F Two Active Subwoofer in their Latest Issue.

They have clearly stated therein ''The first impression you get when you fire the entire rig up is that of power and control"

No wonder this configuration is one of our Bestsellers.

But don't take our word for it...Read the Entire review here.

The Sassy Spoon



Nariman Points Latest Fine dining restaurant 'The Sassy Spoon" choose Genelec’s 6010A matched with  a 5040A Sub-woofer to keep their patron's enthralled.

The USP of this  combination  of Genelec active Speaker’s is that,conversations at the restaurant will never be disturbed,whilst delivering pure,unmatched sound.

The music definitely becomes more enjoyable and audible while never sounding intrusive.

 6010A Two-Way Active speakers,their small size, amazing sound quality and rugged construction make the 6010A  a constant source of listening enjoyment.

The 6010A excels in applications where space is at a premium, taking full advantage of the innovations and unconventional design features created by Genelec.

 5040A active subwoofer is an extremely compact active subwoofer with accurate and dynamic bass response reaching down to 35 Hz.

The 5040A conveniently features a remote volume control allowing adjustment of the entire sound system as well as versatile acoustic controls for perfect room integration.


 Speakers Used in This project:

Genelec 6010A Two-Way Active Speakers Genelec 5040A Active Sub Woofer

Angry Birds




The need to create the perfect audio soundtrack for the game required Rovio to invest heavily in Genelec monitors at its headquarters in Helsinki. In fact,  speakers have been installed into every room at the company’s new offices.

Rovio opted for Genelec 8020B and 8040A active monitors which have been arranged in both stereo and surround configurations.

“When we got the first sound working on Angry Birds, it was a magical moment,” says Niklas Hed, Chief Operating Officer of Rovio Mobile. “Sound is so important to creating a virtual world. Now, when we’re working or showing stuff to visitors we’re not playing the audio on TV speakers but through the Genelec setups instead. We wanted that association with quality which is what Genelec provides.”


The compact  8020B Active 2-way monitoring loudspeaker has been designed for monitoring in difficult listening environments, particularly those compromised by lack of space. However, size is no handicap to performance as the 8020A two-way active monitoring system incorporates Genelec's acoustic design innovations to minimise all forms of distortion.



Boasting performance comparable to much larger systems, but in a compact package, the bi-amplified 8040A monitoring loudspeaker is ideal for use in many situations where a wide frequency response is needed but space is limited. Uses include nearfield monitoring, project/home studios, workstations, broadcast and TC control rooms and mobile production vehicles.


  Speakers used in this Project

GENELEC 8020B Two-Way Active Speakers GENELEC 8040A Two-Way Active Speakers



Best Buy from AV Max

2013 The Latest Issue of  "AV Max",India's No.1 Audio - Video Magazine has labeled the  

 8030A's as AV MAX  'BEST BUY" with a 5 star rating.

Read the whole REVIEW: Here

 Speakers used in this project:

GENELEC 8030A Two-Way Active Speakers  

Red Ant Café

Red Ant Café is a lounge bar designed as a contemporary European style pub with  Moroccan lighting and prominent LED screens.Red Ant Café rock's to music played on  1038CF DSP Three-way Active speakers coupled with  7073A subwoofer.

The  1038CF is a three-way active monitoring system including loudspeaker drivers, slim speaker enclosure, multiple power amplifiers and active, low signal level crossovers.

The 1038CF is designed to perform well as a free-standing monitor, on-wall or flush mounted into the control room wall. The system should be ideally used in combination with a subwoofer for either stereo or multichannel applications.

The  7073A active subwoofer is a powerful and precise bass reproduction tool for large Surround Sound or Stereo installations. Its 19 Hz lower cut-off frequency and 124 dB sound pressure output capability are sufficient to handle the most demanding high SPL applications.All electronics are integrated into the subwoofer cabinet: active crossover filters, driver overload protection circuits and power amplifiers.


 Speakers used in This Project:

GENELEC 1038CF Three-Way Active Speakers   GENELEC 7073A Active Sub-Woofer  

The Icon Club,Bangalore

The Icon Club, which is the latest addition to  Bangalore's night life, is a 6000 sq. ft. club  which  house’s 5 different areas, a private lounge, the  Bar, seating in 2 levels and an outdoor smoking  Zone.

This entire setup has been ‘wired for sound’ by  Pandam, using state-of-the art   Active  Loudspeakers.

The technical team at Pandam did an intensive study  of the raw space available for sound installations  and  provided The Icon Club with the best possible acoustical treatment and correction’s, resulting in outstandingly pure sound.

As usual the most important aspect at Pandam Professional Audio is  'Customer satisfaction' which was accomplished.

 Speakers Used in This project:

GENELEC 1038CF Three-Way Active Speakers GENELEC 8040A Two-Way Active Speakers
GENELEC 7073A Active Subwoofer    

Candies adds Genelec on their Menu

Along with their wide selection of excellent food & drinks at Candies Bandra, customers can now enjoy music Genelec-style.

The restaurant was fitted with  active loudspeakers at both their Bandra outlets ,thereby offering the much needed punch.

The system blends seamlesly with the warm & cosy interior. 

From relaxed afternoons to weekend nights the  sound system keeps up with the party spirit. As one satisified customer remarked "the performance is totally consistent and the sound is the most musical I've ever heard.  offers peace of mind in knowing our monitors are exactly what we need them to be.”

 Speakers used in this Project"


Genelec 8020B Two way Active Speakers   Genelec 7050B Active Sub Woofer  

The Pandam Den



AV Max (India's leading AV magazine),consider's Pandam's exclusive  demo room as one of the Best Demo rooms they have seen in the country....READ MORE
Technical production: Sitebuilders Finland Oy