Candies adds Genelec on their Menu

Jan 15, 2013

Along with their wide selection of excellent food & drinks at Candies Bandra, customers can now enjoy music Genelec-style.

The restaurant was fitted with  active loudspeakers at both their Bandra outlets ,thereby offering the much needed punch.

The system blends seamlesly with the warm & cosy interior. 

From relaxed afternoons to weekend nights the  sound system keeps up with the party spirit. As one satisified customer remarked "the performance is totally consistent and the sound is the most musical I've ever heard.  offers peace of mind in knowing our monitors are exactly what we need them to be.”

 Speakers used in this Project"


Genelec 8020B Two way Active Speakers   Genelec 7050B Active Sub Woofer
Technical production: Sitebuilders Finland Oy