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Jan 24, 2012

Pandam Professional Audio the name synopsis with Sales, Consulting, Designing and excellent after sale service of the most premium Audio-Video equipment for commercial and home use.

Our Journey originates  as far back as  1991 at which time speaker manufacturing was the core of our business.

Over the past 20 years we have used the incalculable experience gained from this to graduate into dealing with and offering additional and technically abreast Audio-Video equipment which internationally stands on par, if not above, some of the finest names in the entertainment industry.

From the simplest hookup to a fully automated entertainment system, Pandam Professional Audio can help you realize your audio and video dreams.

We provide high-end innovative solutions for all audio and video requirements from loudspeakers, woofers and accessories to ‘sound’ advice, installations and strong after-sales support.

We work with architects, design consultants, property developers and individual clients, Celebrities etc. to seamlessly integrate the very best technology into homes and commercial establishments on a Domestic and International level. Whatever your space, whatever your desires, trust us with your Home Cinema installation or Commercial Installation.

We pride ourselves on creating long-term partnerships with our demanding and value-conscious customers by providing:

  • A large selection of fine quality name-branded audio visual products
  • Access to our knowledgeable, experienced staff to develop the best solutions possible
  • A convenient location
  • 24/7 access to product information via our new, expanded web site.

At Pandam we strongly believe in the authenticity of sound and hence the pride of Pandam is Genelec  OY Finland, active loudspeaker systems.

These Speakers are crafted and Imported directly from Finland, thereby assuring you of everlasting European quality.

Each Genelec speaker can be easily calibrated according to the room that you have placed them in and also in accordance with the listening position so as to give you ‘Optimum’ sound quality.

The USP of a Genelec  Speaker (Any Model) is they reveal the original nuances of the sound ,without leaving anything out from or adding anything to the signal in any stage of re-production.

The  entire active loudspeaker range is ideal for Professional Studios, Custom Home Installs and Restaurants, Pubs, Clubs, Airports, Houses of Worship, Discotheques, shopping malls, auditoriums museums, Lounge’s and any other commercial or public establishment etc.

The Clarity, Smoothness and Honesty of the sound a Genelec delivers will amaze you.
Technical production: Sitebuilders Finland Oy